13 Fatal Errors Managers Make by W. Steven Brown

Personal Development is a category of books that I am interested in at this time in my life. I am trying to develop a better work ethic and a better method of interaction with my superiors, co-workers, and subordinates. I have an interest in management books and so forth. If you have a similar interest, then I suggest you start reading with this book: 13 Fatal Errors.

Brown does a fabulous job of detailing the common mistakes that everyone makes. Depending on your personality, each person is more prone to one error or another. The errors include: refusing to accept personal responsibility, being a buddy instead of a boss, and managing everyone the same way. He chooses to approach management from the negative examples for several reasons. First, he believes that too many fabulous positive examples will discourage the average person. Secondly, he believes that we can all associate with these failures, but often we cannot associate with the super-successes of the management elites.

Brown excels at drawing you in with his prime examples. He teaches that a business rises or falls based upon the managers, not upon the environment or the employees. The managers choose their employees and their environment. Managers are the backbone of every healthy organization and they should study to improve themselves. His definition of management from page 8 is “the skill of attaining pre-determined objectives with and through the voluntary cooperation and effort of other people.�

Always practical and readable, 13 Fatal Errors Managers Make is an excellent primer and refresher for everyone in management. Many of the authors of this subject matter promote the self-esteem gospel. They argue that you must make everyone feel good about themselves and that you must think positive thoughts about yourself. Don’t waste your time on that psychobabble. If you buy one book on management, buy this one.


One thought on “13 Fatal Errors Managers Make by W. Steven Brown

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