Power of the Night by Chris Walley

If you have read book one of this series (Shadow at Evening), then I probably do not need to write much. You are probably excited at the thought of book two. If you have not read book one, read the review on that novel and get that book first.

Power is much more exciting than the first book. Stranded from the rest of civilization for the next fifty years, the population of Farholme, otherwise known as World’s End, must unite to repel the invasion of the outsiders. War is the last thing Merral and company desire, but can it be prevented? What evil lurks in the crater? How can a civilization that has been at peace for more than ten thousand years wage a war? How can a world, which has never been alone, survive the separation from the Assembly? And can a civilization learning to deal with sin still unite?

In this book, Merral, the great hero, learns the value of honesty and loyalty to his word. He struggles with his relationship to Isabella. Through the lens of their relationship, Merral discovers to his horror the evils of his heart. This is not to imply that anything immoral occurs. Rather, it’s their rebellion to their parent’s authority and their focus on themselves that shocks Merral. Do they have the right to reject their parent’s opinions and wisdom? Walley explores the sinful tendencies of the heart and emphasizes the wickedness of all sin (not just the “big stuff�).

And what are those intelligent bug-like creatures? Are they really sentient? Can they be beaten? Oh, and where are they from? Merral must lead the battle to protect Farholme from invasion.

This book is definitely better than the first. Walley set the stage in book one and now he dives into the plot with abandon. Excellent!


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