Einstein’s Miraculous Year by John Stachel

This is a quick review to bring a book to your attention. If you find Einstein’s work fascinating, then you should definitely look into this book.

I skimmed the book (due to limited time) but the book has great content about Einstein and the five papers (they are reprinted in this book) that he published in 1905. If you want to know a bit more about Einstein’s work, then this is a great starting point – if you know are willing to wade through some of the technical details. This isn’t the easiest book, but it is a good book.

A significant portion of the book is dedicated to a biography of Einstein and his views on thinking. That was quite interesting and certainly thought provoking. It also discusses his relationships to women. It would seem that he had regular female friendships and romantic relationships. It probably shouldn’t be surprising, but I found it interesting that Einstein had a flirtatious streak…. Still, this book has lots of fun facts and information about the science that he addressed and the issues surrounding that science. It also discusses the issues in his life that impacted his discoveries.

Overall, a worthwhile book to read if you are interested in Einstein and his papers.


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