Mischief From the Back Pew by Todd and Jedd Hafer

The other morning I picked up Mischief from the Back Pew (which appears to be out of print – but available through Amazon’s resellers). I have read this book before, but it is a delight to reread a couple of chapters on occasion. The chapters are short: about 3-5 minutes reading time. This book is a compilation of comic monologues re-worked for printing. Very enjoyable.

The Hafer brothers grew up in church as PKs (Preacher’s Kids) and they have a lively and enjoyable approach to church life – and all life in general. Whether they are discussing the “drunk interim secretary” or the COE – Church of Elvis, you will be laughing aloud. The way they discuss church life specifically and life generally will keep you laughing until you are out of breath.

My favorite chapter just might be “Do You, Jedd, Take This Blame to Be With You Always?” Every married man can sympathize and every married woman would say “right on!” Just try not to read the book when you are supposed to be quiet…. You’ll probably choke yourself trying to maintain your silence.

You might also wonder how much of this actually happened and how much is exaggeration or fiction. A while back, I would have argued that no family could have that many funny things happen to them. Then I made some new friends. Now I know that one family could have that many stories! Now, I am certain that the Hafer brothers took some comic liberty with the stories, but it was worth it.

The book is not just comedy, but they effectively use the comedy to make certain points. One of the first points (and I disagree strongly with this) is that Christian Rock is acceptable music. With that, they talk about how their father would buy rock music for them under the condition that the church elders never found out about it. There is a slight problem of deception being taught by the pastor to his children in that story. But, on the brighter side, they dicuss the deity of Christ and the rigors of a pastor’s daily routine. Using humor, they bring our and expand several other points in the book.

For $1-2 on Amazon, you should add this to your next order. (You know- the next order that you make through this site…. It will help keep the site open.) You will be happy that you bought this little gem.


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