Red (The Circle Trilogy vol. 2) by Ted Dekker

If you haven’t read Black, read the review of that book and then read it first. Red continues the Circle Trilogy. How Dekker developed the complexities and plot turns in this book, I have no idea, but he did a great job. While the Black focused on the present more than the future world, Red focuses on the future more than the present. Changes are occurring quickly in both realities. With the clock running out for the present, Thomas finds a way to lock himself in the future with the hope of securing a cure for the past. With the changes that occurred in the future world, Thomas finds himself leading a band of followers trying to be true to the Great Romance (I suspect that Eldredge’s Epic influenced this concept). Thomas and those with him must leave their perfect life of harmony with the Creator and now must struggle with sin and death. The desert dwellers are attempting to invad the pockets of life where Thomas and his followers live amongst trees and water. Dekker begins to expound on the symbolism that lines the pages of these three books: Even the covers and titles of the books are symbolic. I like the touch with the name of the high priest. The consonants of his name are the same as Caiaphas….

Read this book. I don’t know what else to say without spoiling the plot. I do know someone who was upset with the book. Apparently, she couldn’t find a good place to set the book down. She felt compelled to keep reading incessantly. I understand entirely.


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