Alien Intrusion (UFOs and the Evolution Connection) by Gary Bates

This is a thought provoking book. I have been mulling over this book for sometime now and still do not know what I should think. This book has created a paradigm shift in my thinking. I will have to read it again to evaluate the concepts espoused in this book further.

Have you ever wondered about “alien abductions?� Do they really occur? On a more basic level, do aliens exist? By aliens, I am referring to extraterrestrial beings with actual intelligence as opposed to microbes on other planets. Are there aliens like those popularized in Star Wars or Star Trek? Do aliens exist like those in the shows Independence Day, Signs, or Men in Black? This question of the existence of aliens reveals much about what you believe. As Gary Bates convincingly proves in this book, the idea of extra-terrestrials requires evolution as its base. No, this book is not just about evolution and/or creation. It is much more than that; it is a study on the Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) movement (or possibly obsession) in the world around us.

I have said that this book has caused a paradigm shift in my thinking. I will explain this shift. I enjoy the concept of the aliens found in Star Wars. It would be fantastic to have those aliens exist in our society. I have understood for many years that aliens require evolution and as a creationist, I have always thought wistfully about aliens. I knew that they did not exist, but thought that it would be neat if they did. To have an author detail this to me would be boring; I knew it already. What Gary Bates did was much more profound. Bates explored the Sci-Fi movement and details the philosophies, concepts and many other details that exist within these writings and movies. The shocking part was this: I was rudely reminded of how naïve I have been regarding what I read. I understood some of the problems, but I had no idea of the depth of the problems within this movement. Now, I feel as if blinders have been removed from my eyes and I am beginning to see these stories in a completely new light.

Bates begins the book with an introduction to his subject. This intriguing chapter covers the gamut of the topics that he plans to cover. He then delves into the problems of the science contained within sci-fi stories. He moves into the issues of life on other worlds followed with the question, “Did aliens create life on Earth?� He follows this with discussions of conspiracies and money. Following his details about abductions, he begins to work with the teachings that these abductors are propagating through their victims. He finishes with some thought provoking questions and possibilities about the nature of the alien abductions.

One of the benefits of this book is the exposition of the philosophies that underlie sci-fi beliefs and writings. For example, many books and stories (including episodes of Star Trek) describe utopian (i.e. optimal) societies as being characterized without crime and without moral restraint. In other areas, universalism and polytheism reign supreme. Another major theme is tolerance for the foolish religions of others. Those who are above religion are well adjusted while those who follow religions are respected but inferior. These superiority and inferiority views are seldom explicit, but usually very evident to a careful observer. Tolerance reigns and the priests of tolerance are those without religion that benevolently accept others who have strong religious views.

Another benefit of this book has to do with alien abductions and possessions. There seems to be a bit of an obsession with this especially in TV shows. The other side of the abduction scenario is scarier. Many of the abductions in real life as well as in stories involve a spirit being taking control of or possessing a physical body and this experience of being possessed is a not uncommon for those who write sci-fi materials. They experience alien possession and they are vocal about it.

Let me move to the crux of the matter. The responses of those who have been “abducted� clues us into the reality of these abductions. Victims respond very similarly to rape victims. Men and women who study abductions write that those who are abducted move through a series of responses that parallel the responses of victims of repeated rape. At first, they despise the attacker and then they become to accept and love the attacker. This is frightening, but especially since many of those who detail this phenomenon do not believe in the Bible, demons or the supernatural. These are “unbiased� men and women who are studying this movement. Further, some of these researchers believe in aliens, but are trying to warn the general populace of the danger that some aliens pose.

Who or what are these abductors? Whether you agree with the conclusions of this book or not, you should read this book. Even if you aren’t excessively interested in reading all of this material, you need to at least skim through and read the highlights. The information in this easy to read volume is accessible and timely. Please consider this as an education on the state of our society. At least make an effort to be more aware of the world you in which you live. This book will help in a small way.


5 thoughts on “Alien Intrusion (UFOs and the Evolution Connection) by Gary Bates

  1. It’s out “on loan” at the moment, but if I can get it back by then, I will certainly let you borrow it. It was one of the most profitable books that I read in some time.

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  3. I found that the most interesting bits Gary Bates touched on were the ones he felt least able to deal with, convincingly or otherwise. Mostly, he just set up the bottles thewn ran away with the gun. I refer to the idea that the ETs are not from out there in space but from on our own doorstep on a different radio frequency. We insist on seeing everything as merely physical, and so does Gary. But then he starts banging on like a tub-thumping born-again Christian, ruining the whole thing. If this is supposed to be an objective piece of work, it loses credibility by laying the Bible over it. I think poor Gary got a bit carried away, and ran around in circles until he collapses with fatique. But after all that, he deserves a medal for tackling such a difficult subject. And the book is one of the best looking I’ve seen in a long while – beautifully designed and presented.

    I’ve never done a book like Gary’s but I’ve done a story of my encounter with an alien craft. A big chrome cylinder parked fifty metres above my house for twenty minutes with no noise or movement. No windows, nothing. Then it behaved far beyond the capabilities of anything our air force people know. Carl Jung is of the view – as is Jacques Vallee, whom Gary quotes occasionally – that we generate these apparitions in our minds along lines established by the quantum physicists. They’re physical alright, but no more than we are ourselves, as mere wave energy. I don’t see any mystery with UFOs. The real mystery is why humanity is in such denial about the infinite possibilities of existence and mind. We literally choose to be frightened and ignorant.

  4. Thanks for commenting, Jack. I think that you might have missed the point of the book. You seem to have been looking for a book that supported your view of extraterrestrials. This wasn’t that book.

    No, Bates was rather attempting to demonstrate that A) you really saw a UFO, B) abductions do occur, and most controversially, C) aliens do not exist…. That isn’t a contradiction. Bates argues that encounters with aliens are merely encounters with the demonic world. In fact, he quotes extensively (at the end of the book) from two researchers who detailed the history of alien abductions/sightings etc…. These authors discovered that throughout all of history, abductions and sightings occurred. The same events happened, the difference was the actors. In modern times these are aliens and space craft, in the medieval period, it was fantastical creatures like sprites, elves and nymphs. Still the molestations, the terror, the sightings were recorded then and read like modern events. With the difference of the representation of the beings.

    You could argue that the aliens merely changed shape, but I don’t believe it. I agree with Bates (we are both Christians) that this is demonic activity. Bates wasn’t slapping the Bible on the book; he was interpreting the material through the lens of a belief in Scripture.

    Jack, I don’t want to imply that you misread the book, because that would be rude and a non-starter. 🙂 Certainly not polite or helpful. But, you do appear to have read the book from a specific perspective (looking for someone to reinforce your position). I’d suggest the following. With an open mind, read the Epistle of John from the Bible. You will get an idea of what Bates believes about the spiritual world through the actions of Jesus Christ and how the spiritual world and the physical world intersect. Then reread Bates with that foundation in mind. I think you will come out with a much different perspective on the book.

    I can’t speak for Bates, but I don’t believe that Bates would deny that you saw an saucer, he would disagree with what it means and who caused it.

    As to your metaphysical comments about mankind only being energy, I’d disagree. We have physical bodies and spiritual souls; we are flesh and spirit. Our minds are certainly more powerful than we understand, but they have been corrupted by sin. Someday, when Believers reach Heaven, I suspect that we will have our understanding opened to capabilities that sin has destroyed. (That’s a theory though and certainly not something I’d fight over.)

    Thanks for chiming in on the conversation.

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