Out of the Shadows by Sigmund Brouwer

True to form, Brouwer engrosses the reader in this interesting tale of lies, deceptions and hidden wrongs among Charleston’s elite. The great southern city has charm and beauty, but beneath the exterior of southern charm, a web of deceit lies buried amongst the rich and wealthy….

This tale, told from a first person perspective, grips your heart and mind. Nick Barrett wakes to find himself behind the steering wheel of a car. Claire, his bride of four days, is missing, her brother hurt badly in the rear seat, and Pendleton, his cousin, is unconscious in the passenger seat. So begins a tale of money, power, and scandal. After the amputation of his leg, Nick has two options: sign an annulment on this marriage and leave town on a stipend, or face criminal charges in the accident. Nick chooses to leave Charleston behind.

Now, a decade later, Nick returns because he has received a strange and unsigned note. This note instructs him to a bed and breakfast where a room is reserved for a week. It also tells him where to look for his mother. Nick had not seen his mother since she abandoned him….

This story is a compelling tale of conspiracies, blackmail, old money, and aristocratic arrogance. It is also a tale of a man coming to terms with his past, the present, and moving into the future. It is about a man who finds the bitterness of revenge, learns about love and forgiveness, and most of all: he learns about a God who loves and forgives.

Brouwer writes in a style that is almost poetic in description. The style fits the quiet streets and the secret deals brokered among the aristocrats. These gripping descriptions keep the pages turning. You understand how Nick feels. You can empathize with his anger and betrayal at learning that he was born a year and a half after his father left for war. You can understand his callousness toward those who mocked him and mistreated him after his mother left. He did not have a reason to like them and every reason to hate them. You can appreciate his reason to forgive….


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