Declaration of Independence by Rodd Gragg

Holding history in your hand while being moved by the words of a just war and an honorable revolution enlivens the past. Seeing the men who struggled for freedom and liberty enriches the truths they espoused; truths for which every heart passionately beats. Looking on the faces of these men, revolutionaries who threw off the yoke of an unreasonable king, is to see men in whom the hand of God moved providentially. To read their impassioned speeches and their private letters is to know their fears and dreams. To know the heartbeat of men who desired to know freedom for their families is to understand them.

Liberty. Freedom. This idea fuels dreams of hope, strengthens the weak, and empowers the oppressed. This idea ignites men souls and burns the hands of the oppressor. This idea underlies the formation of America’s greatest document. This idea is at the heart of a nation that serves the world, grants freedom to its citizens, promotes religious expression, and gives to every citizen a future.

Liberty and freedom characterize the story of the Declaration of Independence. This is a story of men who chaffed under unfair taxes and tariffs, and of men who submitted to their king. This is a story of men who wanted to be equal, and of men who wanted freedom. This is a story of men who sought a home without oppression, and of men who wanted the right to govern themselves. Most of all, this is a story of men who put their lives, their families, and their fortunes at risk for one dream. To live without oppressors; to have a voice in government; to express opinions without fear of being silenced; to be free.

This story comes to life neither through words nor through pictures. This history becomes passion in the heart as the replicas of maps, speeches, and official declarations are held, pondered, and considered. Replicas of history have been reproduced in the pages of this book. Holding the map of Philadelphia while reading about the sights, sounds, and prides of its people allows the city to spring to life in your mind’s eye. Setting the book down to read the letters from one rebel to another brings to life the words on the page. This book transports history from black and white dusty pages into vibrant colors, smells, and sounds that live in our minds; sounds of men arguing for freedom regardless of the cost, smells of city streets and marketplaces, and the dark colors of a night raid in the Boston Harbor. This book takes the past and places it into your hands through aged replicas, rich text, and gripping pictures that reveal the heart of our America.


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