Hymns for a Modern Reformation

Hymns for a Modern Reformation is the title for a small booklet of hymns that were written by James Montgomery Boice and the music by Paul S. Jones. A CD with the same title is also available. I received both the booklet and the CD this past Christmas and since then I’ve been able to read/listen to them several times. The music is traditional and conservative in it’s style and content. Most of the hymn texts are passages of Scripture which have been adapted so that they can be set to music appropriate for congregational singing. The texts are theologically rich and contain the key doctrines of the orthodox Protestant faith. Unlike many contemporary hymns and gospel songs these hymns were written by a theologian and the words actually have substance to them. There are thirteen hymns and five focus on the five Sola of the Reformation.

The CD is a decent recording of the hymns. A choir is accompanied mainly by an organ (no piano) and occasionally by a tympani and some brass instruments. The music is worshipful and causes the listener to focus on the words he is singing.

Unfortunately the booklet and CD are being put out by Tenth Presbyterian Church and so their availibility is limited. They can be ordered through the website of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and some churches may carry them in their bookstores (curiously mine were purchased at a Baptist church). Overall, if you’re tired of all the musical and doctrinal fluff that’s being passed off as Christian hymns and are looking for something meatier doctrinally and traditional muscially, than you might want to look into Hymns for a Modern Reformation.


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