“Vienna Prelude” by Bodie and Brock Thoene

Do you like historical fiction? Then this book, and the whole “Zion Covenant” series is just for you. If you are not already familiar with the works of Bodie and Brock Thoene than you are in for a treat. Their books are a far cry from the typical, fluffy, Christian fiction of today. You will learn so much as you are transported back to a time in history that rocked our world.

As “Vienna Prelude” opens you find yourself in Austria, 1936. Meet the blond Elisa Lindheim, a violinist with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, who adopts an Aryan stage name for protection. All seems right in the world, until Nazi darkness descends upon Europe. There are those who choose to fight Hitler’s madness, Elisa’s father, Theo. A courageous American reporter, John Murphy. Winston Churchill, the British statesman. A farm family in the Tyrolean Alps. The Jewish Underground. But who can stop the tide of impending darkness? No one is who they say and nothing is what it seems as swastika flags begin to cover Europe. Spies and secrets lurk behind every corner. What does the violin case really carry, and will books reveal more than what is merely typed on their pages? As Elisa struggles to save a few, can her closest friend, Leah, a talented cellist, escape in time? Is it possible for true love to live in such a time as this? The clock is running out of time for those the Nazi’s consider enemies of the state and the Third Reich. No one is safe as all find out, there is no middle ground.

The “Zion Covenant” series continues for nine books including; “Vienna Prelude,” “Prague Counterpoint,” “Munich Signature,” “Jerusalem Interlude,” “Danzig Passage,” “Warsaw Requiem,” “London Refrain,” “Paris Encore,” and “Dunkirk Crescendo.” They have recently been recovered and also contain study questions, perfect for individual use or group discussion.

In my opinion these books are historical fiction at its best. They not only combine extremely accurate historical facts and figures but captivating fictional ones as well. You will be hooked as you follow the lives of unforgettable characters. The memory of WWII may be fading fast but the things we can learn from that time grow more important. You will see the wonderful way our Lord worked through history and how He is still working today. The Thoene’s motto sounds true as you, “Discover the Truth through Fiction.”


4 thoughts on ““Vienna Prelude” by Bodie and Brock Thoene

  1. Yikes! I don’t know that this series is really that good. I remember reading through the whole thing when I was younger. It is quite explicit in its violence. I think it is disconcerting that Christians will view sex as an objectionable element but not violence.

  2. Well I guess I should post something to clarify the last commnent. We all must agree that WWII wasn’t the prettiest time in history. The violencee that is present though, is tastefully done. It isn’t done for shock value or to try and keep your attention. This series is very accurate historical, fiction. The books are in no way, all violence. The stories presented are beautiful and truly show God’s protection over his people. I would say more but I don’t want to give away the plots. So why don’t you try them for yourself and let me know what you think!

  3. grrr! I guess it didn’t …don’t ya hate that? basically I mentioned reading Bk 4 of “Zion Legacy”, a series following this series, and enjoying it, but having several questions. The main thing I wondered is whether the Thoene’s have gotten into a bad habit of writing sequels and prequels which ask a lot of new questions without ever tying up old plot lines satisfactorily. Have you read any of their new books (“Zion Legacy” and “A.D. Chronicles”), and what do you think of them if you have? Have they become formulaic books?

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