Jesus Loves Me This I Know by Robert Morgan

In this short book, Robert Morgan expertly tells the story behind one the greatest songs ever written. In truth, the uniqueness of the history behind this song is that it was not developed out of a great tragedy. This song was simply an expression of heart of two sisters.

Anna Warner and her sister, Susan, were born into a wealthy Christian family. Their father, Henry Warner, invested in real estate as well as many other business ventures. When the US hit a depression, Mr. Warner lost everything except Constitution Island which he had recently purchased. He moved his family to Constitution Island which was within sight of West Point academy. There the two girls learned to trust God for their daily bread.

Many people might have turned bitter toward God for removing their easy lives. Instead these two sister wrote books to pay for their living expenses. They never married so their writing became their sole support. In time they were recognized as popular authors – so popular that other publishers reprinted their materials without paying royalties. This forced the sisters to write extensively to support their simple lifestyles.

Despite the struggles to make “ends meet,” they always trusted in the Lord who loved them. In their book Say and Seal the sisters had a character sing “Jesus Loves Me” to a dying child. The words quickly impacted the lives of their readers. Shortly thereafter, William Bradbury wrote the music for this great hymn.

These two saints spent much of their lives ministering to their “boys” at West Point. In fact, their testimony was so great, that the academy had both sisters buried in the West Point grave yard which made them the first two civilians to be honored with a burial in military soil.

Here were two ladies with no earthly treasures. Yet, they impacted more lives then most ministers. These two saints of God have influenced more people through the simple words of this precious song than many Christians influence in a lifetime. They truly modeled Matthew 6:19-21. Spend a few dollars on this book and allow the testimony of Susan and Anna Warner to change your life. I cannot write in a manner that does justice to the quality of the writing of this wonderful story. Take the time to read this short book.


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