War of the Worldviews edited & compiled by Gary Vaterlaus

Answers in Genesis has taken the next step in their ministry. (If you aren’t familiar with AiG, please check this ministry out.) In short, AiG has built their ministry defending a literal interpretation of Genesis 1-11. They have demonstrated the failure of evolution as a theory and led the charge against it. Typically the material that they produce targets an aspect of evolutionary teaching. Then they systematically dismantle the flawed approach of modern science. (Usually, their arguments are fairly devestating.) Each time they approach these subjects they also mention (more as an aside) that this is a battle of philosophical assumptions. The focus of their books has been to educate people about accurate science.

Now, they have taken the battle to the next step. In War of the Worldviews a group of scientists have turned the focus from specific scientific debates and focused the light of truth on the heart of the matter. Each chapter discusses a different area of science; this is done in basic detail rather than in-depth. Then the chapter focuses on the underlying assumptions made by the evolutionists.

The issue is not one of “my facts versus your facts.” Both sides have access to the same facts. Too often, what is often called a “fact” is actually an “interpretation of a fact.” The scientists in this book bring this issue to light. No, one will not find detailed information to combat an evoloutionist in this book (detailed information comes from their other materials). Instead, you will find the tools to challenge their assumptions.


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