Comes a Horseman by Robert Liparulo

Now, I don’t usually scare easily. And I never have scary dreams. OK, I admit that I sometimes have disturbing dreams, but I can’t recall the last time I was actually scared. The closest I have come (in a long time) to waking up scared was while reading Liparulo’s Comes a Horseman. I woke up after dreaming of psychopathic serial killers. So, I recommend this book with caution. If you are easily disturbed by somewhat graphic violence or by satanic images, then bypass this title.

The dark plot is well written with dynamic well-rounded characters. Liparulo demonstrates considerable skill as he drives this gripping story through its 484 pages. And unlike many authors who track the main characters from the beginning till the end, it takes quite sometime before you are certain who the main character in this novel really is. This multi-layered plot pulses with life and death.The weak side of this plot is twofold. First is the claim to be Christian. The main characters are stated as swearing though the words are never written out. The Catholic church is not explicitly treated as correct, but they are never condemned for their heretical work’s based salvation. The lead man claims to have been a Christian but is now agnostic and drinks somewhat heavily.

The other problem with this story is the graphic violence. From brutal beheadings to beating people to death with baseball bats, this book doesn’t pull punches with the violence. Liparulo takes great pains to describe the gory fight and to emphasize the pain that the characters suffer.

The book postulates a secret society watching for the anti-christ. These Watchers have been building an empire for centuries in an effort to turn it over to the coming anti-christ. Has his time finally come? Or will two desperate individuals stop the growing might of the psychotic “anti-christ?” The answer to that question is not given until the final pages. (Personally, I hate these end-times plots, so it was a bit of a turn-off for me.) Still, if you enjoy a rough-edged well-written dark action drama, then check out this title.


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