Mystery at Sans Souci by Jim Hausman

Everybody knows how much fun parents have traveling with their kids! But the American, Air Force family in Jim Hausman’s Mystery at Sans Souci seems to have more fun than usual—when they are traveling and when they are not. Well, at least the seven children think it’s fun (and you will too!), but their poor mother quips, “If it gets to be any more fun, I may do a swan dive off the Eiffel Tower.” That’s only on page four, and she has no idea about all that is yet to happen!

And, oh, what adventures they are! The candid and witty twelve-year old Jim is our guide through the mad-cap mystery-suspense that is all fun! Even the youngest member of your family will enjoy this tale of the “Cincinnati Seven” and their misadventures in France.

The plot essentially revolves around a mysterious, shabby woman the kids nickname “Mad Mame”; a menacing giant of a man with one boot that is missing a heel; and a puzzling young man named Pierre. Oh yes, and we cannot forget “the Hawk”–a mysterious, bird-like man who wants the house the Hausman family has moved into. Something must be hidden somewhere in the two-story house…or in the surrounding country-side? Track down the clues with the children, who may be amateurs but seem to get the job done. Be warned, their crazy antics will keep you on the edge of your seat…with laughter!

You’d better hang on to your blue beret, though (red is for the bad guys!), because you never know when this family read-aloud is going to take a twist and a turn!


5 thoughts on “Mystery at Sans Souci by Jim Hausman

  1. Sounds very exciting. I like the picture (I know, we aren’t supposed to judge books by thier covers, but I like to see them anyway)!

  2. Well, if everyone really wants pics…. I can probably manage that. I will work on making them look at bit better though.

  3. I think pics are just cool. They help people have something to look for (as well as give them an idea of what the book is like). Of course, it may be difficult to find covers for all the books, but I am willing to get the covers for the books I review.

    Maybe if the individual writing the review was in charge of getting the pic, Matt, it would not make things too much more difficult for you. I do think that word wrap would be good, though (if you can do it)!

    I am so proud of this site and the way it is taking shape! Everyone is doing such an awesome job!

  4. Does anyone know if this author is from Cincinnati? Is this the same Jim Hausman that wrote When I Was a Boy? I would appreciate any info that anyone has. Thanks.

  5. Yes, this is the author of When I Was a Boy. Have you read it? I have not come across it at a library or book-sell, but would probably love to read it. Mr. Hausman is an hilarious author–so candid and quick to joke about himself as well as others. This is how he is in “Sans Souci” anyways…Stephen

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