Silent Witness by Mark Fuhrman

Silent Witness
Silent Witness – The Untold Story of Terri Schiavo’s Death by Mark Fuhrman (former detective with the LAPD) is a timely book about both Terri Schiavo and a current ethical issue. It is well-written and despite the medical and legal information, it is remarkably easy to read. The story of this young woman’s life and death is compelling.

The book discusses the legal and ethical issues surrounding Terri Schiavo’s much publicized life and more publicized death. Despite his claim that he is “not a religious man,” the author raises some very pertinent questions about the ethics of the “right to die” issue. This is a hot topic on talk radio these days, making this book very timely.

Attempts are made to answer questions such as the condition of the Schiavo’s marriage, what actually happened that day Terri collapsed on the floor, and Michael’s actions immediately following and the days after the collapse. The author answers many questions surrounding the life and death of Terri Schiavo, but also raises questions that bear answering about this case. This book was written before the official autopsy was released, which makes it suspect in the minds of some. The book, though well-documented, does engage in some speculation with the author explaining what he thinks may have happened at certain points in the narrative.

The author makes use of medical records, depositions, police records, and interviews with those associated with Mrs. Schiavo (family, friends, and care givers) to present a compelling case. Some readers may not appreciate that the presentation of the evidence does not come to a strong conclusion but rather a “speculative hypotheses.” But one can not walk away from this book without seeing the very human side of Terri Schiavo and the very sad circumstances surrounding her death.

Silent Witness is a timely book about both Terri Schiavo and a current ethical issue. This book brings to the forefront the whole issue surrounding it and should cause anyone who reads it to consider the One Who holds the key to life and death.


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