The Last Sacrifice by Hanegraaff, Hank and Sigmund Brouwer

The Last Sacrifice

In this second installment of the Hanegraaff and Brouwer’s series, it is more of the same. If you liked Last Disciple, you will like this title as well. Well, anyway, I liked this one better as it spent less time on the action and a little more time on the theological arguments. Some people might not like that as much and think that this one is a tad bit inferior, but don’t let me mislead you, much of the appeal of Last Disciple is found in this worth sequel.

Vitas is fleeing Rome with John. Sophia is fleeing Rome with Ben-Aryeh. Sophia thinks that Vitas is dead while Vitas thinks that Sophia is in grave peril from Nero. Meanwhile, Vitas’ brother Damian the great slave hunter is commissioned to find John and to find Vitas and return them to Helius (right hand of Nero). Throw in a interesting mix of Jewish religious politics, and Roman intrigue to mix it up.

Through this journey, Vitas begins to learn more about Christianity from John. Their dialogue is insightful and unforced. It seems to flow. There aren’t instant conversions but a practical look at how people come to Christ in a tug-of-war manner.

Sophia dwells in catatonic grief over the loss of Vitas. Ironically, the unsaved Ben-Aryeh tries to encourage her spirits. Only the ministering of one who had been saved from great sin and survived great sorrow through the grace of Christ can shake her to the core.

A plot with dozens of unexpected twists and turns, this is a page turner.

I know that this isn’t a long review, but there isn’t much to say about a sequel; especially when I just wrote about the original. I am interested in knowing: who has read this series? Did you like it?


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