Men In Black by Mark R. Levin

Men In Black

No, not the movie. This is a book about the supreme court and its destruction of the American Representative Democracy. One reads 1776 with its uplifting view of American governance and then picks up Levin’s Men In Black and finds a dark story of an oligarchy destroying American self-governance.

There aren’t many books that can persuade me to change my mind with regards to elections, but this one did the unthinkable. I will hold my nose and vote Republican for one reason: supreme court nominations. I had more or less decided to break with the Republican party and vote independent seeing as McCain isn’t much different than Obama in my opinion. I was hoping for Governor Huckabee myself. I had the opportunity to meet several of the candidates and Huckabee was the most impressive by far. But I digress….

Look, as a Christian the debate for me has been straightforward: vote my conscience and select someone without a chance at winning or select the moderate Republican and block the Democrats. Personally, given McCain’s moderate approach and close friendship with the extreme left wing, I had decided to vote against him. But, can I afford to let Obama seat a liberal on the bench? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

You see, Levin lays out on page after page how the supreme court has violated their mandate, accrued unchecked power, and legislated from the bench. Time after time (particularly in the last 60 years or so), the court has made decisions and then sought out justifications for their decisions. Worse, it hasn’t all been cloak and dagger; this has been done in the open, people just haven’t paid much attention. From supporting slavery to reverse discrimination (affirmative action), from banning God in schools to overturning sodomy laws, from legalizing abortion to interfering with the electoral process, the supreme court has systematically removed its oversight, increased its power and created “rights” not found in the constitution in an effort to push it’s agenda.

This book is a real eye-opener. It opened my eyes to the need to keep the court on its current track of conservatism. After all that darkness and the terrible situation painted by Mark Levin, what can be done? The court has systematically overruled any attempts to control it. The democrats in Congress have been working with groups the NAACP, NOW, and others to control court appointments at all levels and to block any judge who is a strict constitutionalist. (Surprisingly, no one seems to care or know! Of course this is the only way the left has been able to work: through the courts they win even as they have failed at the ballot box.)

Levin argues briefly in a short last chapter for term limits on all judges with unlimited reappointment. This would allow the people to easily evaluate a judge’s performance while keeping the judge from having to “politic” for their job. In any event, as long as no changes are made to the current system, I believe that I have little choice but to support a candidate that will be more likely to nominate conservative justices. The current conservative bent may be the only reason the right to bear arms was upheld recently.

You must vote your conscience this Fall, but please read this book and factor this important factor into your decision.


2 thoughts on “Men In Black by Mark R. Levin

  1. Haha, love the opening line “not the movie.” I should read this book. Its the same logic I’m using to vote for John McCain, only the author has more supportive evidence and argumental structure (which I need, as everyone on campus besides me seems to be gunning for Barak Hussein Obama). The other nice thing about voting for McCain is that by so doing you vote against someone who wants to give the UN jurisdiction over our courts (creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy).

  2. Did it just get cold in here?


    Yeah that is creepy. I personally, would rather see McCain retiring, but if its a choice between McCain and Obama with regards to the Supreme Court, then there is no contest.

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