Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer


Since everyone is talking about the new movie Twilight that just came out, I decided I wanted to read the book. With minimal knowledge about the story, I borrowed the book.

The Summary: Twilight is about a high school girl named Bella who chooses to go live with her father in a place called Forks, Washington. It is here that she meets the Cullen family who has a very dark secret. She is immediately drawn to Edward Cullen. After a sudden whirlwind romance, Bella discovers that Edward is not just any high school boy. Instead he is a vampire. Basically the story weaves in the idea of an immortal and mortal having a relationship.

Author Background: The background of the author can sometimes give insight to the underlying themes within the author’s work. Stephenie Meyer is a Mormon who graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU). She does not believe in pre-marital sex, but does not oppose objectionable elements or themes.

Positive: Actually the story contains very little positives unless one would like to view the “good” vampires as a positive. And even in the story the “good” vampires struggle with human blood lust.

Negative: First of all, the concept of vampires is associated with the demonic world. The author hints at this early on in her work. Except she leaves the reader feeling that her vampires are not demonic so it is acceptable. With this aside, the story is all about teen romance, passion, and lust. The story portrays the vampire Edward’s lust as lust for Bella’s blood, but the reader can draw more from this by the actions depicted by the author. The story has multiple suggestive scenes and uses some language. In addition the main character lies throughout the entire book, but claims to despise lying. Bella continually refers to Edward as god-like. This philosophy is acceptable within the Mormon circle, but is doctrinally incorrect. And last but not least, the quality of writing is extremely poor. Many will overlook the writing, because of the storyline and characters.

Conclusion: I do not recommend this book or movie. It is certain to capture the interest of anyone who picks it up, including people lacking the ability to filter out the philosophies within the work.


7 thoughts on “Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer

  1. Thank you for reviewing that!
    I was not interested in reading or seeing the movie
    or book, because of the vampires and things you mentioned. But I am glad to see the opinion of someone who has actually read the book.
    Thanks for the review!

  2. I’m glad to be able to give you a small idea of what the book contains. Personally I have no intention of reading more of the books or seeing the movie. Honestly I was open to accepting the story but the book changed that as you can see.

  3. I think the philosophy in this book is quiet clear. Is it not Christian doctrine that we are all born evil anyway, and that we must be saved thru the choices that we make in life. As humans we still have the insticts ingrained in all animals, it is our ability to control those insticts that distinguishes us from animals. Just like the vampires, humans have the capacity to lust and to kill (even the church is not free of guilt in the latter, the crusades, the inquisition). In Meyer’s stories the vampires have chosen to suppressed their desire to kill humans because of their belief that it is morally wrong. Edward is torn between his love for Bella and his fear that he might her because of what he is. It is not a conservative principle to stand up for what is wright no matter what cards fate has dealt you. Unlike liberals, whe Bella is put a risk, the vampire family doesn’t abandone her because it easy and safe. They risk their lives to protect her because it is whats right. Conversally Bella does not want them to put themselves in jeopardy for her sake. Morality is not just about memorizing versus in the bible, it is about standing up for whats right not matter how hard that path is.

  4. Thank you for agreeing that the woman can’t write a book to save her life. I cannot believe that she has sold so many copies. Go go teenage hormones!

  5. OMG!!!the things that u said r so NOT TRUE!I was very shocked about what u said!
    It’s about a romantic and dangerous love story.Whoever wrote this is so wrong and does not like love storys.Maybe u should read the book and decide wheather u like the book or not before u jump to conclusions!

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