Eragon by Christopher Paolini


Plot: We open to find our hero, Eragon, hunting in the Spine. A forest that legend says is haunted. While hunting a mysterious rock appears before him, cautious, Eragon pokes at it, but nothing happens. Thinking nothing of it, he takes it to the village butcher and asks to trade it for meat. The butcher refuses upon learning that it is from the Spine.

Returning home with no meat, Eragon leaves the rock in his room and goes to his chores. Later, the rock hatches and out comes a little creature, a dragon. Eragon works to keep the little creatures presence a secret, which is simple since his cousin has left to another town as an apprentice, and only his uncle are with him.

Soon, Eragon’s little dragon grows large enough to ride, so he must do something with her, whom he names Saphira. She explains the Eragon that she hatched for him, and he is now her Rider. (There is a long history explained in the book)

A few weeks later, two bad and ugly creatures, sent by the evil Galdaborix, come into his villages and kill his uncle, burning his home at the same time. Grieving and angry with intentions of vengeance, Eragon steals some leather for a saddle for Saphira and leaves his village with Brom, the story teller that came into town and insisted on joining him.

The three borrow a couple of horses and leave, Saphira flying above them.

Brom, who used to be a Rider, but his dragon died; teaches Eragon all he knows on becoming a good Rider. Using magic effectively, training him with weapon and guarding his mind. The bad person, Galdaborix, wants to find Eragon and turn him to his side, making Eragon a Forsworn.

Through many adventures the threesome go until they meet with Arya, a lady elf in need of rescue, and Murtagh, a strange man who helps them.

Positive: I enjoyed the writer’s style he did a good job. I commend our author on the humor he adds at the appropriate moments to lighten some of the tension. It was quite helpful. Though young and immature, our hero does try to do the right thing, even if it sometimes ends in tragedy. Saphira and Brom are good moral characters who try to teach Eragon all they can to ready him for the trails ahead. (Saphira, by the way, is several hundred years old. Dragon’s eggs hatch only when they find the right person, the one whom they want to ride them. They can wait as long as they like for this to happen.)

Negative: If my memory serves me right, it has but few swear words, not more than five I think. A man’s back is cut from shoulder to hip; and our hero and his mentor visit a village that was raided by Urgals. They find a pile of dead villagers with a baby on top. (I found this sad.) Our hero steals in the beginning, and several people use magic. Some for good others for evil.

Overall: I really enjoyed this book; it had my attention the entire time. It took me no more than three days to read. If you enjoy this sort of fantasy, I recommend it. Though I did enjoy this book, the second gave me pause as to whether I would want to read the third. (Reasons given in the “Eldest” review, coming soon.) Overall, it was very good and well written.


15 thoughts on “Eragon by Christopher Paolini

  1. You know I thought the Author was a bit immature in his telling of this Story. But I have high hopes that as the author matures, so will his stories. I look forward to reading the stories he writes within a few years.

    A couple of things that I found to be negative, his story resembles Lord of the Rings and several other classic fantasy stories combined. I found that I could predict what was going to happen next, which bores me. That being said, I intend to finish this series because at the heart of the Story there is something that attracts me.

    Which is why, I will sum up by saying that I look forward to reading more of his work because I believe it will only get better.

  2. What exactly do you mean by immature in his story writing? I mean which parts seemed the most immature.
    I have not read very many classical fantasy books so I wouldn’t know all about that, but I did see a few of the resemblences between Eragon and The Lord of the Rings.

  3. well then since you can predict what happens next could you tell us younger people what YOU think the rock of kuatha is that solimbum mention? I don’t know about you but I am pretty certain nobody knows that yet but the author.

    and also what’s so negative about resembling the lord of the rings? I for one didn’t see much resemblance and happen to like lord of the rings to the point of watching it monthly.

  4. First of all. I never said I thought his writing was immature, I asked Paul what he thought was immature about it.
    I didn’t think it was.

    Second, there is nothing wrong with having a resemblence to Lord of the Rings, in fact I really enjoyed those books and watched the movies several times.
    Saying it resembles another book slightly isn’t, I think, a negative thing, just an observation.

  5. I see, it just sounded like you were talking to both of us since you said “you all.”
    But hey, no big deal.
    Glad you have been reading some of the reviews!

  6. All I can say is that Eragon (the book) is good. However, I have read LOTR more than once, but do not think I would do it with Eragon.

    As for the similarities, when one is a fifteen year old, the age which Paolini was when he began to write it, one should be allowed to take certain liberties in this area.

    The book has striking similarities to LOTR and Star Wars, maybe a few other works. This however does not take away from the fact that in its core, it has a certain attraction, that makes me to complete the story (Eldest..)

    Also, the old authors like Tolkein are no more, so I for one would not criticize any author (for plagiarism) upon building on their works in an appealing manner. There is no point in rebuilding wheels, for instance. Similarly all developments in science rely on the body of work already done, and Tolkein has made his work so real, that it should be made open to all for using his ideas, to give the reader pleasurable experiences.

    My take on the the maturity discussion above: The story line and essential plot is quite interesting and well fleshed out, though one gets a feel that it has been written by a teen every once in a while. Just like some one else above, I feel he will get better with age. (Haven’t got around to reading Eldest yet).

    Positives: Story Line, Writing Style, conversations between the dragon and the boy, and the relationship between them.
    Negatives: Few Characters, and those that are, could have been given more depth/ history/ strength.
    Overall Rating: 3 on 5
    Best For: All young minds irrespective of age.

    Happy Reading!

  7. Just a note here.
    I read Brisingr (Book 3) after skipping Eldest (Book 2), and the plot did not lose too much in the middle because of the gap. So, this path could be used by many other readers too, though I daresay, would not be taken too kindly of, by the publishers of Paolini.
    Brisingr was good, and I thought it vindicated my earlier view that the author would write better with time.

    I skipped Eldest because I read many negative reviews, and also because I wanted to get on with it, so to speak.

    Thanks Matt for the compliments, can you show me the way on how to begin reviewing.

    More Happy Reading!

  8. Just a note here.

    I read Brisingr (Book 3) without reading Eldest (Book2). I thought that the story did not lose continuity. This path could be taken by many other readers though I daresay that the publishers of Paolini will not be too happy with that.

    I skipped Eldest because I had read a few negative reviews and also I wanted to get on with it, so to speak.

    I enjoyed reading Brsingr, and I thought it vindicated my earlier comments that the author would get better at it with age.

    Thanks Matt for your compliments, and can you show me the way to become a reviewer.

    More Happy Reading!

  9. pierko as a response to you asking what the rock of kuthian is: you’re right. No one but the author knows. Paul was saying that it seemed more like he had based them off other a combination of other other fantasy novels. every book has some unique elements to it and apparently the rock of kuthian is one of Eragon’s unique parts.

  10. (For the Author of Eragon…if so read by him. -_-‘ Not likly to happen though…)

    Dear Christopher Paolini,

    I have started your series the past year. Im now reading your book Brisingr. It is AMAZEING! When i read your books i forget im in reality. I mean its hard to put the book down til iv finished it cause im wanting to know what happens next. My fave charater was and is Brom. I was VERY upset when he died. I want him bk soooo badly. I love Saphira too. She makes me think of my BFF Ray, cause she acts so much like her. I see myself alot in Eragon. Im always making promises to my friends, helping people when i can, and getting into trouble…which is not on purpose. It follows me. No Jk. I also Like Orrik the dwarf. This book series has everything iv always wanted in a Fantasy Book. Im even thinking up my own personal story line to go along with your book series when its done. Im gonna make myself the first female dragon rider. Lol. Ok, im gonna go. I hope you read this message. I have homework. (Its my Junior Year)

    May your swords stay sharp!

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