Christ in the Camp J. William Jones.

Christ in the Camp

Christ in the Camp deals with revivals in the Army of Northern Virginia.

It describes the work of the Lord in great detail as the author drew not only from his own experiences as a chaplain, but also from letters he received from other chaplains. The grace of God is very evident in this writing. I had no idea that there was any type of large scale revival in the Southern Camp – thousands were converted! The book is 460 pages long with a 164 page appendix which deals with revivals in other armies of the South among other things. I was greatly encouraged by this book, especially since I am very interested in that time period. This is not a book that you could read casually as it is rather long.

Positive: This has been encouraging, informative, and uplifting to read of all the men brought to Christ through this war. Army camps were and are considered veritable pits of sin, and this is one of the very few times that there was an exception. Also, if you’re a Yankee, the author scrupulously avoids mentioning why the South was right (with very few exceptions).

Negative: It took some discipline to read as it was rather repetitive (not a bad thing considering the circumstances, i.e. revival); other than that, nothing.

Overall: Definitely worth the read. This is not for those who cannot handle 500+ page books, but other than that, I heartily recommend it.


3 thoughts on “Christ in the Camp J. William Jones.

  1. Thank you for your comments. The War for Southern Independence has been a focal point of my historical interest as long as I can remember. I hope to do a review of Southern By the Grace of God after my dad and I finish it. (My 2nd time reading it). Be forewarned, many of my reviews will involve writing about this time period.

    On another note, I would like to suggest that I and/or other reviewers read some of the books by R.M. Ballantyne. He is an excellent author, similar to Henty, though a bit more light hearted. He is decidedly Christian.

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