Grainne: Sailor Princess of Ireland by Louise Gherasim


Plot: The basic “plot” of this book is to learn about Grainne, sailor princess of Ireland, as she grows into womanhood and marries a warrior.

Her entire world practically revolves around her father, wanting to be a boy, learning to be a chieftain and sailing the sea.

As a little girl she watches all she can of her father’s business, doing her best to learn all and be better than any boy. She does well in school, most of the time, and manages to win the trust of all the boys in her class.

While she grows in womanhood, Grainne still wishes to be a boy, but slowly figures out that she should be a bit more content with who she is.

Negative: Grainne is constantly disobeying her mother, defying her father, and over all being rather annoying. At one point she cuts off all her hair, and I mean ALL, to make herself look like a boy so that her father would take her on a voyage, one that her mother doesn’t want her to go on and has told her that she couldn’t go on. Had her father rebuked her and left her behind this might have been fine, but no, he admires her spirit and takes her with him! A man is stabbed by a little girl, and a little girl strips naked in front of boys. (she is swimming)

Overall: To be perfectly honest, I did not care for this book at all, Grainne is a brat from page one. A few paragraphs of the scenery is all I really liked. So I would not recommend this book, unless you are looking for a quick read and don’t care what its about. However, if you read it and end up enjoying it, more power to you.


2 thoughts on “Grainne: Sailor Princess of Ireland by Louise Gherasim

  1. Great review Hanassus.
    Something tells me you didn’t like this book….
    Sounds disgusting. Hum, let’s read more positive
    books, eh? Sorry I haven’t done any reviews in awhile.
    Will start working on some. (I better, seeing how many
    books I’ve been reading lately!)
    Deo Vindice,

  2. I probably wouldn’t have ever picked this book up, except that a friend recommended it. Later I found out she only liked it because it was a quick read. 🙂
    Oh well, life will go on.

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