Eagle Strike by, Anthony Horowitz

Eagle Strike

Plot: As a note, reviews of the first three books have already been written, you may find them in the archives. It will give you background on our character.

Eagle Strike begins where Skeleton Key left off. Alex Rider is now trying, once again, to become a normal schoolboy.

He almost secedes when he accepts a friend’s invitation to go on a two week vacation with them. All goes well, until Alex sees the assassin that killed his uncle, Ian Rider.

His friend’s father is almost killed in an explosion in their rental home, the police say it was a leaking pipe, but Alex knows it was no accident, and sets out to find out to kill the man who set the bomb. Thinking it was set to kill him instead. He finds and follows the man until caught, and is forced to participate in a bull fight. His choice was fight the bull or be shot, he chose the former.

He of course lives, and continues back home while his friend stays with her father in the hospital. Back in Brittan, Alex suspects a multimillionaire of evil intentions and bring it to the MI6’s attention. They do not believe him, considering the man’s reputation for good, so it is up to Alex to discover the truth behind the mask.

Negative: From what I recall, there is nothing terribly negative, there is implied swearing, but the word is never actually said. Some people are killed, a man drowned in coins, our hero is forced to go through a rigged obstacle course. Nothing graphic, but certainly not for the very young. (below age 10)

Overall: Overall, rating this book from 1 to 10, ten being highest, I would definitely, without a doubt, give this book a 10. 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end, a thriller of a book, I hope you have time to get your hands on this and the three before it. (and the others after Eagle Strike, in the Alex Rider series)


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