The Winning of Kay Slade By, Albert C. Wyckoff

Plot: During a long stay at my grandparent’s home, I picked up this book, which, unknown to me, was a romance novel. I do not tend to enjoy these, but found this one to be different.

It is not apparent at first who will be the main character, but as we read through the first few chapters it becomes clear that Kay Slade, second youngest of four children, is she. Kay’s parents are tenets for a man named Mr. Potter, they live in a shack and wear filthy clothing. As we read, it is obvious from the people visiting the Slades home viewpoint, that the food they eat would not pass normal standards of cleanliness.

Kay is quite young when a preacher and his wife come to teach at the Poletown church, and is delighted when they plan to hold a vacation Bible school in the summer. It is through this preacher that Kay is taught to follow Christ, and better her situation in life with education. She does this and meets many good people along the way, including her future husband, and a few not so nice people. Her great desire is to one day marry and provide a better home for her children than what she was brought up in.

Positive: This book has strong Christian content, contains no swearing and our main characters are good role models. There is also some humor, which adds greatly to the story.

Negative: There is one part where a bad guy tries to force our heroine to kiss him, but it isn’t bad, and our hero does rescue her before anything happens. The heroine’ parents are not exactly the greatest role models, but considering their upbringing and circumstances they’re not bad. One girl does elope, but quickly makes up with her parents.

Overall: Though a romance novel and not the type I usually pick up, it was at my grandma’s house and I liked it, not my favorite, but it wasn’t bad.


The Protector by Dee Henderson

The Protector

Plot: I found this book in our car; I have no idea to whom this belongs. I know two things for sure though: It was in our car for weeks, and I was bored so I started reading it. 🙂

As it turns out, (of course I found out at the end of the book) this book is four in a series about the O’Malley family. Thankfully, as far as I can tell, you do not need to read the first to read the forth; each book is about one of the seven different children in the O’Malley family.

This book happens to be about Jack O’Malley, a firefighter with Ladder 81, a fire station that also investigates arson fires. His boss, Cole, and he are very concerned about one arsonist that keeps setting fires at the edge of the district and leaving popcorn behind as a sign. It takes them longer to reach each fire as the arsonist sets them at the edge of the district, where there are closed fire stations. Oddly enough, Cole figures out that each arson fire is set whenever Jack is on duty. Fighting fires does not bother Jack, but being a target does.

The story also revolves around Cassie, a fire woman burned badly in a retirement home fire, and is now unable to fight fires. Jack visits Cassie often, he is determined to make her laugh and come away from the grief of her accident.

A romance sparks between Jack and Cassie, but Cassie is a Christian and Jack is not. The subject of religion is a sore area for conversation; Jack listens willingly, yet cannot bring himself to believe in the resurrection of Christ. This causes Cassie much stress, knowing that Jack could die at the arson fires and not be in heaven.

Jack has this and his sister, Jennifer’s cancer weighing on his shoulders, not to mention the arsonist who persists in setting fires and writing notes on walls. In one fire, Cassie happens to catch a glimpse of the arsonist, before he fades from sight. Sure that she could recognize him on sight again, Cassie takes Cole’s offer to join the fire fighters once more. She is only allowed to watch and help clean up, but Cassie still enjoys being back on the job.

Following the arsonist sighting, Cassie also seems to become a target, leaving Jack to become a protector, willing to risk all to save her.

Positive: This book had great Christian content, our hero and heroine were lovable characters and the plot kept moving with no slow. Well written, this book kept me guessing until the end, and it was very surprising then. No swear words that I recall. The author’s style is very engaging, and she draws you into the characters and helps you feel their pain and joy.

Negative: Nothing really, this one man committed suicide, and another keeps setting fires.

Overall: I hardly dared put this book down I enjoyed it so much. The mystery, storyline and character kept me in the book. I recommend this book to all, it is very clean and a wonderful read.